Coffee, chocolate, and wine…these are my essentials for quarantining. The problem is, here in Pennsylvania, wine stores are closed and in other states where they are still open, you might not want to risk going out. When our stores shut down, I decided I would try wine delivery. But I didn’t want to join a club where they send out wine every month; I’ve belonged to a few in the past and it has been difficult to stop shipments.

Naked Wines kept showing up in my feeds. (I guess I was searching a lot for wine!). What I love about Naked Wines is that it supports small vineyards. During this time, I really want to support small businesses and keep them alive. I had a coupon code for $100 off a $159 order with shipping included, so I thought I would give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised by how good the wines were.

Here are the top reasons I love Naked Wines:

  • They support family run vineyards
  • You can choose the bottles you want to order, not like a club where they send you random bottles every month
  • If you don’t like a bottle you chose, simply email them and they will credit your account for the bottle no questions asked!
  • No committment, if you don’t want to order from them again,you don’t have to.

So if your wine stock is running low, give them a try! You can use my referral link to get $100 off your first order at

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