dsc03915 When it comes to Diaper Bags, you know I search high and low. Sometimes I find inspiration in unlikely places. Which is why I’m going to tell you to ditch the diaper bag, and pick up this purl of wisdom. Namaste Bags, designed for crafters to tote their projects in, also make fantastic diaper/mom bags. These are not your granny’s knitting bags!

I knew something was up when three friends recommended Namaste bags to me in the course of one week. Two were knitters, but the third was just a bag freak like me. And one who was more likely to be found shopping for a new Vuitton than a diaper bag of any sort. But Namaste bags, she insisted, were just gorgeous. Lightweight, terrific selection of colors and super well organized. I had to get the scoop. So I investigated two models from their Cali Collection:  the Laguna and the Malibu. The Laguna is the teal bag in the slide show and the Malibu is the gray one!

First impression of these bags was a good one. They are made from animal friendly, PVC free faux leather. It’s extremely durable and soft to the touch, plus (yay!) wipes clean in a flash. I was immediately impressed by the details galore. The findings are all extremely high quality and make me think of high end handbags. People are constantly stopping me when I carry these bags, often doing a double take to admire them. They look expensive, and wear well. This is of course due to the high quality materials and attention to small details – for example, the bags have metal feet. Small touches that make a huge difference. Check out my photos of how all my stuff fits into these bags! I really put them both to the test recently while travelling. I had to have my baby stuff, my mom stuff and my crafting stuff on me at all times as we took a ferry and hotel hopped on our own Southern Cali adventure.

I also love the accessory organizers from Namaste. They make the bags even more functional.The “Oh Snap” Mesh pouches are perfect for storing both crafting needs and baby diapers and wipes. All the things you need to be able to see and find in a flash. ┬áThe Catalina pouch actually came with me to Catalina Island recently and was the perfect size to store my makeup essentials.

Break out of your bag rut, get your crafty groove back on and check out Namaste Bags. It’s a perfect pick for trendsetting moms.

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