Cold, rainy days are NOT fun when you have a preschooler. They drain on and on and on. And unless you’re a super-mom who already has 15 crafts prepared, along with enough eggs to make a batch of cookies and enough patience to train the circus, chances are that you’ll flip on the TV at some point during a series of rainy days.
That was me. I pulled out the DVDs and let the kids pick. Hmmm… Toy Story or Monsters Inc today? And can we watch A Bugs Life tomorrow?
But no longer. Now, whether its rainy or dry, nearly every afternoon, my kids are asking for YOGA! and I’m enjoying it with them. YogaKids has found a way to take the excitement and sillies of the day and calm the energy into a relaxed, healthy child. In Silly to Calm (volume 3), YogaKids Founder and Instructor Marsha Wenig challenges the children to relax and focus, using child-friendly jumps, stretches, and breathing techniques. While “playing yoga” (as we do in my house) they’ll learn to channel their energy into a calming balance.
After trying Silly to Calm several times, Carson and I loved it so much that we ran out to buy a copy of YogaKids Volume 2: ABCs. This DVD wanders through the alphabet, assigning a creative exercise or stretch to each letter. Beginning with Alligator, moving on to Butterflies, all the way through “Zig Zag Yoga” (a relaxing breathing activity at the end of the video.)
Each of the volumes is filled with creative songs and energetic role models (other children of various ages who demonstrate the elements of yoga). Through exercises like Moo-Meow and Jabberwocky Jellyfish, children ages 3-6 learn balance, coordination, and imagination with the series of 3 videos available.
And when you’ve decided you love doing yoga at home and want to bring more into your home, grab a copy of YogaKids: Educating the Whole Child Through Yoga, a book written by Marsha Wenig. It instructs the reader on 50 Yoga poses: making them a child-friendly tool for learning. Using music, art, language and anatomy, with this book you will not only stimulate, you will teach your child useful strategies that will help him in life. And you’ll be doing it in a way that is healthy for both of you.
It’s possible. It’s possible to have calm, fitness and fun in your home.

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