Looking some new, cool-looking labels for your kids and you? 

My boys got samples recently from KiDECALS, a company that makes unique and fun labels.  Name Dots, Allergy Dots and Wall Murals are all available in various designs.

While we’re lucky that our boys don’t have allergies, I’m sensitive to families that do.  The Allergy Dots are great – she offers peanut, bee stings and more available – or personalize to your family’s needs.

The regular Name Dots are great for shoes, books, backpacks and so much more for school and camp.  You can just seriously never have enough labels.  They’re affordable too! 

These are peel and stick labels.  Even cooler, you can reapply if you want to peel them off and re-use.  Plus, the wall murals will peel away without damaging the paint.

I went to college with KiDECALS owner so I was curious and clicked over to her about page to see her story too.  Love that the materials used are eco-friendly, and I just love reading about a Mom story that starts with a vision and blooms into a successful business.

One pack of Dots costs $25.00 (without the coupon code!) and with that you get 30 large dots and 58 small dots.  Use coupon code mommieswithstyle for 15% off your order for an even better price!


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