My daughter loves seeing her name on just about anything thing these days. Lately she’s been using a personalized placemat where she always sits at the table and spells her name out loud over and over again. So when she asked why her brother didn’t have one, I told her that it was because he couldn’t read letters yet. This of course made her even more proud that she, as the big sister, could read. She then decided that mommy and daddy should invest in a placemat for him so that he could learn to read his name as she did!
So, when we did receive a fantastic placemat from Olive Kids with our son’s name on it, my daughter was thrilled! Olive Kids placemats are thick, durable and will withstand being wiped down over and over again. They measure 12” x 18” and are made with heavyweight laminate for easy clean-up. Their designs are fabulous and 100% original!
planets.jpgMealtime will blast off with the fun Out Of This World outer space design! The colorful placemat features planets, spaceships, stars and even your little astronaut’s name. On your mark, get set, GO! Your child will race through dinner with the Vroom placemat! Any future racer will love to see their name on this cool race car design. The Trains, Planes and Trucks placemat is colorful and gives “meal on the go” a whole new meaning! Your child will love to truck to the table to see their very own transportation scene. The Under Construction placemat, which features a construction scene, will inspire scooping and shoveling of any meal. Your little construction worker will love seeing their name trucking across the table!
Olive Kids was created to offer parents and their kids an affordable alternative to the character-based entertainment licenses. Their emphasis is on color and fun, because they believe kids rooms should inspire creativity and play – not be an advertisement for a TV show or movie. They aim their designs at classic kids themes like transportation, pirates, outer space, tea parties, cowboys and more!
Your kids will love seeing their name at every meal on these exclusive personalized kids’ placemats. Enter code MWS10% in the comments field on the order form at checkout to save 10% off of your order.

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