Did you know that today is National Admin Day? You may know it as National Secretaries Day but I think we’ve gone more PC and call it National Administrative Day.

So here are some of the cool findings from a survey that Staples put out:

  • This survey found that nearly two-thirds of respondents (65.2 percent) felt the office would be more likely to fall apart without the administrative assistant than without the boss (30.3 percent). Staples.com conducted a non-scientific poll of both office managers and non-office managers with social media followers on Twitter and Facebook about the office manager role.
  • Other findings:
    Respondents confess admins know their day better than a spouse (41.6 percent vs. 33.5 percent)
    Admins report filling official and unofficial roles in the office, everything from human resources director, to therapist, even the miracle worker
  • Team Pam: Pam Halpert ranks as the most beloved office assistant (31.4%), followed by Mimi Bobeck of the Drew Carey Show (28.9%). Joan Holloway of Mad Men was a distant third (19.6%). Six times as many people prefer Pam over The Office’s Erin Hannon.
  • Jury is out on whether National Admin Day is a day of gifting – most admins (62 percent) report they won’t receive a present, while the majority of non-admins (67.8 percent) said they do plan to give a gift. Gift card ranks as the most popular gift option.

Additionally, to celebrate National Administrative Professionals’ Day, Staples is hosting a #CelebrateAdmins Twitter Party on April 25 from 1-2 pm (EDT), with the opportunity to win great prizes, including a new laptop or tablet. Join in with the hashtag #CelebrateAdmins and follow my girl @VeraSweeney who is the host of the party!

Disclaimer: I received a Staples gift card & sample products to faciliate this review

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