I just love that the number of earth-friendly and organic products for babies is growing by leaps and bounds every day. Here’s the latest I’ve heard about: Natural Mat crib mattresses.
What’s not to love. All Natural Mat products are 100% natural. Not to mention that they are 100% non-allergic, all hand-made and 100% biodegradable. The product is from the UK, but you can order from BareBabies here in the US and Canada for free shipping on orders over $99. Select the Coco Mat (made out of organic coconut fibers – $375), Latex Mat (their most hypo-allergic mattress, made from a rubber tree – $575) or Mohair Mat (firm for back support, made out of horsetail hair – $625) – all organic.
Use coupon code MWSNM10OFF for 10% off any Natural Mat product (plus the free shipping) at Bare Babies. Expires April 30th.

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