substance Ahhh… summer. Sprinklers, swimming pools, sundaes and … sunburn. Okay, I can do without the latter. I’m always willing to try out a new sunscren that the kids won’t mind, and neither will I, to protect their cute little faces and perfect skin.

Substance Baby Natural Sunscreen has an SPF 30 and includes zinc oxide–making for an even stronger sun barrier. We love that, in addition to the zinc and the SPF, its chemical free which offers a lot of reassurance–I know what is going on my kids’ skin.  It also happens to be waterproof, a necessity for my little fishies. With lots of extra herbal oils to moisturize their skin while protecting, it leaves feels good on my hands after apply. And the scent is nothing insulting and chemically–its a mix of citrus and mint. Yum!

Maternitique has Substance Baby Natural Sunscreen on sale through July 31. Additionally, use code MWS for 10% off any purchase of $10 or more.

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