print-hero-large.jpgThey say that art is good for the soul. Like a big hug.
If this is the case, then that must explain my urge to embrace Neds from Ned Design.
What is a Ned? According to artist Susie Lubell, “Neds are people you know. Neds are childish but sophisticated.
Neds are punchy and whimsical. Neds come in girl and boy varieties. Neds almost always have three fingers on each hand. Some Neds are four-fingered.”
With their bright saturated colors and distinctive playful spirits, Neds are strangely recognizable and uniquely endearing characters. They are available as original art pieces, art prints, note cards and journals. If you are looking for a unique and happy wall decoration for your child, shop no more! Susie can even make a custom Ned for you, just ask!
I’d love to see a stuffed line of Ned’s in the future. Because as my daughter exclaimed, “Aw! They’re so cute, I want to squueze them!”
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