bottlesnuggler Snuggling while feeding your baby a bottle is a wonderful and special thing. But let’s face it, sometimes you have to answer the phone. You try to prop the bottle up for the baby but it slips, the bottle drops and everyone cries over spilt milk. We all could use a hand every now and then. Get the help that you and your baby need, from a cute plush friend: Bottle Snugglers.

Bottle Snugglers are adjustable and keep the bottle poised at just the right angle for your baby. Older children, like my 17 month old son, enjoy snuggling with these plush critters. They are machine washable and lovable. They also make a perfect companion for car trips.

Bottle Snugglers are a great shower gift for a new mom. She’ll thank you later!


  1. Marsha Moore says

    I am shocked by this contraption. The number one thing that a baby needs to be healthy is attachment and feeding is one of the best opportunities to achieve this (the phone call can wait). Attachment is the bond that forms between parent and child when a child’s needs are met. Each time this occurs, the child learns that they can count on the caregiver. This form of external regulation helps a child build not only trust, but also self regulation and self efficacy. As the child grows this translates to internal control and the child is able to handle disappointment, calm down when they are frustrated and manage their behavior. All of this starts with attachment. Forgoing an opportunity to make this vital connection with your child in the name of convenience shows a true lack of understanding of the needs of a newborn baby. As a site that celebrates the importance of the mother/ child relationship, I hope that readers will think of the cost associated with not taking the time to bond with their baby during feedings. It is more valuable and precious than any other thing you could be doing at that time.

    Not to mention the safety factor of proping a bottle up for a rear facing baby on a car trip- really?

  2. Janette Fisher (mom of twins) says

    Hey, Where did this come from! I got a Bottle Snuggler and love it! Ryan is 2 and the twins are 4 months. Talk about bonding….I couldn’t do it without my Bottle Snuggler. Ryan is 2 and the Jake and Justin are 4 months. Feeding time is a BIG deal for Ryan. We are able to spend one-on-one with the twins and read a story all together! Bonding is essential between mom and baby. But ALSO GREAT when you can include a sibling. Before you get all JUDGEMENTAL on us Marsha, consider the benefits to responsible moms of multiples!!! I couldn’t have this special time without this great invention. (unless I was an octopus)
    This is a great idea.

    Thanks. Love my Bottle Snuggler!!! My other “twin” moms do too!

  3. Sandy Rhodes says

    I love mine too. I don’t leave my baby alone with a proped bottle ever. Hope Marsha doesn’t think we do. I give them as new mom baby gifts to my friends. Great product. Little Rocky loves it too!

  4. Jody Morgan says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bottle Snuggler and so happy that it is available especially to those of us who were blessed with multiples and only have 2 hands. I know I wish I had 4 hands most days and this precious little device helps take the stress away when you need it. I have been buying them for my friends who have new babies and they LOVE it too. You will LOVE this product. Thanks, Bottle Snugglers!!

  5. Ciaran/Momfluential says

    No one has suggested parking a child in a dark alley, with a bottle of whiskey flavored milk and little other than a stuffed animal to keep him company. These items are meant to be used with supervision. Yes, feeding time is special bonding time. But as a mom of four I can assure you that there is plenty of time to bond with your child while feeding, bathing and changing and generally taking care of them, even if you are freeing up a hand on occasion and getting a little help from an adorable prop like the Bottle Snuggler. Bottom line is that you are there, loving and caring for your baby.

    I find it ironic that no one criticizes a breast feeding mom for grabbing a bite or chatting on the phone whilst feeding. Wheb breast feeding moms use a cover, they cannot even make eye contact with their baby. Shall we criticize this as well? Require them to breastfeed only at home with constant eye contact?

    It’s a bit of a double standard. Babies eat for several hours every day. I don’t know about the rest of you, but my attention span is not such that I can stare lovingly, with complete and utter rapt attention, into my infants eyes for 8-9 hours a day for every instant of every feeding. It’s mind numbing. This is an unrealistic and misogynistic expectation.

    I didn’t want to fan these flames but on behalf of this adorable product and overworked, tired moms and moms of multiples everywhere, I felt the need to respond. Use this product when you need to, responsibly, in a supervised situation and don’t beat yourselves up. Your child thrives on your love and care and yes, your sanity.

  6. I’ve given the Bottle Snuggler as a shower gift and the new moms really appreciate the help it provides. Bottle Snugglers are not meant to replace the feeding time experience and the bonding it provides–it enhances that time together by giving an extra hand. Most new moms, including those without a psychology degree or textbook, get that and appreciate the help it provides.

    I would happily recommend Bottle Snugglers to all new moms!

  7. I have given the bottle snuggler to two moms as shower gifts and have heard nothing but rave reviews!! Both moms have other children and found this invention a life saver when trying to “bond” with more than one child.

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