This may sound bizarre but one of my problems when I have a baby is not knowing where to put them down. I will literally walk in circles and stand around like a dope, trying to figure out a safe place. The floor seems too cold and hard, the bed is too soft and what if they roll off, and the couch… no… We have pets, and other kids here too, and with all that going on, I feel like I need a specific designated spot that is just for the baby.
The Baby Zabu from Wagamama Baby solves my problem. Baby Zabu is a modern twist to the Japanese floor cushion (called a zabuton) and uniquely designed to make the baby’s play environment as cozy as possible. It comes in 14 different patterns including two eco-friendly styles made entirely out of bamboo cotton. You simply roll out the mat and then tie it up at the corners to form a cozy little nest for baby and few toys. It’s sized to fit perfectly inside a portacrib so if you travel and get a little icked out by the hotel portacribs, using this as an insert will make you (and baby) feel a little more at home away from home. This item travels well to grandmas and is a great place to put kids down for a nap. My three year old loves curling up in the one that we have for his baby brother so much, we are thinking he made need his own. I love that when we are through with the Baby Zabu, we just roll it up, much like a yoga mat, and put it away in the closet till next time we need it.
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