A couple of years ago, I was introduced to Oilogic at a blogger conference. Oilogic makes a line of essential oil products for babies through adults. I got a few samples and we ended up using and loving the Relax & Calm roll-on.

Today they emailed to say they have a new hand sanitizer product that’s available for purchase while supplies last. Considering that hand sanitizer is such a hot commodity right now and will be for awhile, I thought I’d share this one out in case anyone is low. You can get 15% off their Hand Sanitizer Bundle (6 bottles).


  1. Sounds like a win, especially as you say, a much sought after product these days.
    thanks for the information! Will definitely try it.

  2. Brenda O Dailey says

    Will try!! Need advice for a mother of teen boys and girls… Would love to hear thoughts from Mommies and readers!!!

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