Apparently, yes. Though you wouldn’t know it by looking at my kitchen floor. But you would know it if you peeked into my kitchen cabinets. Up until 2 weeks ago, the storage area of my cabinet was a wreck. Unmatched lids, containers of varied sizes, shapes and colors. It was a wreck. And I was totally discouraged from organizing it because, really, with all these shapes, sizes and lids that flew off piles, organization just didn’t seem logical.
So, I attended a get-together at Classy Mommy’s house where we were gifted a set of Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids. It sat in the box for a while, for fear of adding to the clutter. And then, one morning while attempting to find a lid to match a container for packing grapes for school, I was inspired. In seconds, I cleaned out the entire cabinet, tossing the old variety plastics into bags and boxes to be donated to the preschool. Then, I gently opened the new box. Where serenity awaited.
Let me explain. The lids and containers were stacked neatly inside each other. While some had different depths, there were only 3 widths, so even the different depths stacked nicely into 3 stacks. And because the containers have the same widths, this made for less different sized lids.
But the best part: the lids all snap together and the base of the containers also snap to the lids. So rather than a million lids all floating throughout cabinetland, they are stacked and stuck. Together. Neatly.
And two weeks later, I still open the cabinet and feel calm.


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