As over 1,500 people gear up for next week’s annual BlogHer Conference — this year’s to be in New York City — in my little neck of the woods I’m starting to pack.

I’m thrilled to be going thanks to a sponsorship from AOL Shopping – where I write a weekly blog and column as a Parenting Expert.

But more on that later.  Today I’m talking about my brand new, shiny and cute HP Mini!  HP was gracious enough to send me their Mini 210 companion PC in Preppy Pink so that I may test it out and use it when I attend BlogHer next week.

Here’s a bit from their press info that tells pretty much all you need to know: “It
weighs just 2.9lbs and provides more than 9 hours of battery life.” It’s lightweight and long-lasting – the two most important features in a netbook in my opinion.

Pretty in Pink: My Sony Vaio laptop is the one on top; HP Mini on the bottom

It has a 10.1″ screen, comes with Windows 7 pre-installed and is super-slim.  Oh and the keyboard that looks so tiny?  It’s actually 93% as big as the keyboard you’re used to on your regular laptop.  It only took me a few hours to get used to it.

Of course the Preppy Pink is so perfect for me – because I love pink (it matches my pink Sony Vaio! Oh la la!) and I fancy myself a little preppy too. No doubt about it, I’ll be styling while carrying this product around at Blog Her.

If you see me with my HP Mini, be sure to say hello.  I’ll even let you touch it if you’re nice to me and your hands are clean!

And want one of your own?  Get the HP Mini 210 in Preppy Pink on the HP website for $329.99 with free shipping (for all you guys out there and those of you who don’t like pink, it comes in other colors too!)

Giveaway coming soon: Lastly, come back  to visit Mommies with Style soon for a surprise giveaway before I leave for BlogHer- I have a prize pack to giveaway to one lucky winner that includes an HP Mini  in Preppy Pink along with another fun HP electronic product!


  1. Looking forward to hearing about your conference!!!! And, eagerly awaiting the hance to enter your giveaway of that really attractive HP

  2. ditto first comment!

  3. Please excuse my typos!!! Was too excited over the notebook to pay attention to my typing!!!

  4. Oooh! I love the preppy pink!

    Can’t wait to meet you in NY & hear more about your giveaway :o)

  5. Thanks for the comments all – it’s coming soon!

  6. Love your site and this give-a-way. Thanks for your blogging!

  7. Love this site and the give-a-way. Thanks for blogging!

  8. Dee leightner says

    Love this site and the great give-a-ways

  9. maryanne beal says

    would love this!

  10. WOW what a great prize pack. have a great trip to NYC!

  11. I am in desperate need of a new computer of any type. My OLD computer is a hand me down from my mother-in-law & it’s at least 10 yrs. old. I have just started a business from home & this little mini-HP (besides being adorably cute!) would be such a big help to me as I answer my potential customers.

    Thank you so much for the opporunity to win this. I NEED IT SO BAD!

  12. Just love the color of the notebook.

  13. It makes me laugh to look at today’s netbooks and laptops and think back to my days on my old Commodore 64 and IBM 286…

  14. I quite like looking through an article that will make people think. Also, many thanks for allowing me to comment!

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