Man, it’s stuff like this that makes me glad I have two boys. Not that I won’t have to have the “talk” with my boys at some point but I can at least lean on hubby to do most of the talks that have anything to do with boy parts. With girls? Girls need their Moms and there’s a lot that goes on hormonally with their bodies that they need explained!

Thankfully there are books out there to help Moms ease with what could be an awkward conversation.

American Girl comes through with books that help, of course! The latest release (out today, Feb 14) is Taking Care of You 2.  The book is aimed at girls 10+ and is full of images and charts to help you explain what’s going on with their bodies.


I will admit, I passed the book along to a friend and we had a bit of a chuckle like middle school girls about some of the photos.  But really, this is the type of book that’s great to have – the cartoons keep it light and fun.

Get Taking Care of You 2 for $12.99 on the website starting today (Feb 14th) and get it in bookstores nationwide starting on February 26th.

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