Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 7.22.22 PM My blogger friend Kayla Aimee has written a beautiful book that was released yesterday called Anchored ($11.93 on Amazon).

I’ve started the book and am a few chapters in and I’ve already teared up several times. I was not expecting this story to be so beautiful. Kayla was pregnant with her first with what you would hope would be aroutine pregnancy. She had already dealt with infertility and a long time TTC so I always think women who have been through fertility woes should be granted the gift of a relatively easy pregnancy, right?

This wasn’t the case with Kayla, and she gave birth to her daughter Scarlette at 25 weeks. She was considered a micro-premie and in the words of Kayla, Scarlette weighed less than 6 sticks of butter at birth.

It’s most certainly a story of faith in God and religion but it’s also the struggle of a new Mom and whether you are the religions type or not, any Mom will appreciate and relate to the fears Kayla fears as she struggles to get through life with a baby in a NICU.

I just love the way Kayla writes – she’s raw and she’s honest. And maybe it’s the fact that I’m a mother but I find myself emotional reading it and looking forward to following the rest of her story even though I know there is a happy ending (with a healthy, happy child!)

Full of hope, love, faith and lots of emotion, check outAnchored ($11.93 on Amazon)if you’re looking for a new book that isn’t on your normal reading list and you’re looking for a beautiful read.

Note: may be a sensitive topic for parents who have lost a premie.

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