Every house seems to have their “diaper pail” preference. In ours, it’s been the Diaper Champ since day one. We liked it for various reasons – the biggest being that it uses regular kitchen bags. The flip side has been the smell – the longer we’ve owned it, the more it’s seemed to smell.
I’ve been told from various friends that the Diaper Genie is the way to go as far as an odor-free pail goes. So I now have a Diaper Genie II for baby #2. The Diaper Genie II is a recent release and like the original Diaper Genie, it requires refill bags from the store. Which is a hassle, but the benefit is that the Diaper Genie boasts a 7-layer locking system (seven layers between you and a stinky diaper sounds pretty nice to me, so I figure it’s worth the trip to the store) Also nice is that the diaper never touches the pail — the Diaper Champ touches the diaper on the top only, but I have to wash it regularly because of this.
Anyway, everyone has their own personal diaper pail preference. (What’s yours? Come share with us on the Mommies with Style message boards!) If you want something smell-free, certainly check out the Diaper Genie. The Diaper Genie II can be found on the Target website (or in-store) for $29.99. Use coupon code TCATJFRM for 10% off your order on Target.com (expires today, September 6th, so hurry!) You can also find it in-store at various local Babies R Us.
The original Diaper Genie is also on sale on Babies R Us for $19.99. They are also running a promotion – spend $100 or more and you’ll receive a free umbrella stroller, and they are offering another $3 off on diaper pails elligible diaper pails (of which this is one, so it takes the price down to $16.99.)

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