New movies for the week of August 27th:
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Halloween Treat – this one’s fun for the upcoming holiday, it’s a couple of episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, all with the theme; plus a bonus episode of Little Einsteins (also Halloween-themed)
Little Einsteins: Rocket’s Firebird Rescue – for some reason this one really held both boys’ attention
This one is releasing next week, you can preorder now:
Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: So with two boys we don’t normally watch princess movies but we got roped into this one (it was actually requested by my 3.5 year old!) I had forgotten how girly princess movies can be! I truly have to laugh because I’m so used to the boy movies that this one was refreshing to watch. It’s a split movie with two tales – one about Sleeping Beauty and the other about Jasmine. I’m sure any little girl would love this. (Or boy, in our case, although we got about 1/4 of the way in and I think he wanted to know where all the action was; Sleeping Beauty prancing around in a pink dress and singing didn’t quite cut it in the end.)
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