I *heart* Leapfrog. Their products are educational, fun, smart and appeal to kids and parents alike. Leapfrog recently released two new DVDs to their growing Learning DVD collection – Numbers Ahoy and The Amazing Alphabet Amusement Park – which arrived just in time for sickness to hit our household and were the perfect solution to our home-from-school days.

Numbers Ahoy, geared for ages 3-6yrs, follows Tad, Lily and their firefly friend Edison on an underwater adventure to learn about number recognition, counting, estimating, grouping numbers and other math concepts. The trio works together to take on all kind of deep sea foes (even Pirate Pythagoras!) while they learn about numbers. The 35-minute video also includes a number of bonus features like sing-a-long songs and clips on short vowel sounds. My kids had a blast watching this one and the underwater pirate theme was a hit with my boys.

The Amazing Alphabet Amusement Park is aimed at kids 2-5 years old and introduces them to alphabet including upper and lower case letters as Tad, Lily and their dog Scout visit Alistair Alphabelly’s Amazing Amusement Park. The friends have to use the alphabet in order to save their friend Edison who has gotten stuck on a ferris wheel. The 39-minute movie also includes Alistair Alphabelly, the rhyme master, who helps kids learn more about letters through rhyming. Bonus features again include sing-a-longs and a short on short vowels.

Whether you’re battling one of the many bugs going around or trying to make it through one more snow day, Numbers Ahoy and The Amazing Alphabet Amusement Park will keep your kids entertained – and learning!

Each movie is $14.98 and can be purchased at Leapfrog.com and various other retailers.

*WIN* Leapfrog is giving away a set of these new DVDs to one lucky MWS reader. To enter, leave a comment below. One entry per person. Open to US residents. No PO Boxes. Contest closes Wednesday, February 23rd at 11:59pm. Winner will be contacted by email.


  1. I first purchased the Leapfrog dvds when my 2nd son now 9 was 3yrs old and he loved them!! He enjoyed the music and fun characters while reinforcing alphabet and number skills. My youngest son who just turned 4 started watching the videos about a year ago and loves them too. I have since bought 2 more dvds – Let’s Go To School and Math Blasters. After watching a Leapfrog dvd I will hear him singing one of the songs. We have a long pathway in our backyard he calls the learning path which he picked up from Let’s Go To School. It is very sweet. I am excited to get these new dvds for my son. 🙂

  2. Jennifer Idzi says

    We really enjoy the Leapfrog DVDs – letters and numbers and counting. So great for my 7 year old, 4 year old, 2 year old and infant

  3. I have a nephew who would love this!!!

  4. this would be just great for my daughter. suelee1998 @ gmail.com

  5. Melissa Roach says

    I would love to win this for my girls 🙂 We love Leapfrog toys & movies!

  6. I love Leapfrog DVDs! My son is not a conventional learner, so trying to teach him the letter sounds was next to impossible, because he had no attention span for the apparently boring way I was teaching him! I bought the Letter Factory and Talking Words Factory, and he watched them over and over and was right on track for Kindergarten. Looking forward to checking out the new ones!!

  7. My daughter would love this!

  8. Rebecca Rendon says

    I had a sick day with one of my little ones today. This would have come in handy. She settled for cuddeling with her Violet.

  9. Sherry Sheppard says

    My Granddaughters love their Explorers… they would love the DVD’s I try to keep things at my house for them to watch…

  10. My son would love these, I am always on the look out for a new movie that’s not only appropriate but educational. I know I can count on Leapfrog to provide that; Leapfrog products have become a staple in our home!

  11. My boys would love this…..we love Leap Frog!!!!

  12. My girls (3&5) both absolutely love their leapfrog products. They especially have fun playing together with the new map of the USA.

  13. My nephew loves leap frog movies. He watches them over and over again!! He would love to add these to his collection

  14. Alyssa Darby says

    All of my sisters watched and loved learning from their LeapFrog DVDs. Now I would love my son to enjoy some as well! They are great learning tools.

  15. Ella uses her reader pen everynight..and lets the stories play to her when she is sick..Mia uses her leapster 2 everynight and draws a big smily for herself on her sick days..something new like this would cheer them up for sure due to this latest snow..and cold..:)

  16. Rosemarie R says

    Im a m of 3 boys ages 5 & under and I love how leap frog has something for every stage. Im also a preschool director and these videos would be great for our classrooms.

  17. We love LeapFrog too! Their products are helping my 4-year-old learn to read.

  18. We love Leap Frog!!! My son would love these videos!!!

  19. Dana Albanese says

    Our family Loves Leapfrog!! My four year old is beginning to read, I know he would love these videos

  20. I love the leapfrog products!!! I had an issue with the leapster and the sent me a new one no problem. I love a company that helps educate and stands behind the product. I will buy my son anything leapster he wants. I usually give them as presents as well! Keep up the great work!

  21. We love LeapFrog! My 3 year old is obsessed with the “Letter Factory” DVD and I’m sure he would love these as well. 🙂

  22. Leapfrog is a mainstay in our household. DVDs, games, you name it. My daughter knows the letters in “Leapfrog” and their logo. No box is safe coming into this house, she inspects each and every one of them, just in case!

  23. I love everything LeapFrog makes. My 4 year old still takes Violet to bed with her. She would love these movies!

  24. I am a kindergarten teacher and I LOVE Leapfrog movies! They are my favorite movies ever! I will also be using them with my son as soon as he’s old enough.

  25. My boys love leapfrog movies and toys! Thank you for this giveaway 🙂

  26. We love Leapfrog. My son turns 4 on the 28th and all he has asked for is more Leapfrog games, leaplets and leapfrog movies. We started leapfrog products with him a year ago, and they work so well. He has his ABCs down and can sound out words now. His math skills need a bit of help. My 2 year old wants to watch the movies and play the games. And she is really trying to get those ABCs memorized. We would love to see the new movies!

  27. Leapfrog for the niece!

  28. My son would love to have one of these! Thanks!

  29. We love the letter factory and math circus movies. We’ve been using them for a couple of months now.

  30. We too are a huge fan of Leapfrog. Being a mom of a wild, almost 4 year old boy, Letter Factory and Math to the Moon have been life savers with teaching him and I am really hoping they will help prepare him for kindergarten that is just around the corner! I can’t wait to check out these 2 new dvds! As always, Leapfrog never ceases to amaze!

  31. Laura Nelson says

    My two sons love to play with the different leapfrog products. We have the word factory dvd that me son has learned to put letters together and read different words. He also likes the tag books. I think it is helping him to learn how to read. My youngest son likes the letters that you can hang on the fridge and they make the sounds of the letters and sings the alphabet song. It would be great to get some educational tools for numbers.

  32. I love the Leapfrog DVDs. Both of my kids have enjoyed them thoroughly. I can’t wait to see these new ones. 🙂

  33. we love the leapfrog explorer and games! cant wait to see the new dvds! lil guy walks around the house ALL DAY singing ” the b says buh, the b says buh, every letter makes a sound the b says….BUH!” lol!!!
    JEnn Post

  34. Love love love the Leapfrog DVDs! My daughter literally calls out for Math Circus! And she loves the Letter Factory and Talking Words Factory too. For awhile it took the number 1 requested DVD spot away from Dora. Thanks in large part to these DVD’s, at 2 years 8 months she is already doing simple basic adding and subtracting and can count easily to 10 and kind of to 20 and she know her letters and early word construction!

  35. would love to win something for my little girl,she loves learning and would be really interested

  36. Would love to win these. Leapfrog products are great.

  37. Gerrie Walton says

    I am a kindergarten teacher. I bought all the leapfrog DVDs for my granddaughter. I am very happy with these DVDs my granddaughter is 2 she knows all the letters of the alphabet and can identify them out of order. She know most of the sounds and can count to twenty and identifies some numbers. I have recommend these DVDs to some of my parents. I would love another set to share with my parents.

  38. Cheryl Robbins says

    My 2 boys use multiple Leapfrog products. My oldest son is in Kindergarten, and his teacher uses the Letter Factory video with his class – they all love it. My 3 year old could really benefit from these 2 new DVD’s.

  39. We have the Tag and the Leapster, and would love something else for my daughter on sick days.

  40. Tracy Villanueva says

    I received the Tag Jr and a 2 books to go along with it and my daughter loves it. She is only 15 months old but seems to get the concept down pretty well. I would love to explore more!

  41. My son loves anything by Leapfrog. He is 2 1/2 and has been using Leapfrog products for at least a year; their products really fit his learning style. Would love to add these DVDs to his collection.

  42. How exciting! We love their dvd’s!

  43. Amber Copeland says

    I have a two year old little girl. We do not have any Leapfrog movies, but she loves frogs 🙂

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