youvebeensentenced It’s no secret that I love playing games. Party games especially. Given the opportunity to test out the new game You’ve Been Sentenced by McNeill Designs I was eager and excited.

We brought it along with us to an annual family reunion and it was quite a hit amongst the teens to grandparents crowd–in-other-words, the adults loved this game.  A creative challenge, each round players are dealt 10 cards, each card with 5 words. The challenge, to use your words to make a grammatically correct and justifiable sentence.

Here’s how it goes. Players move their deck of words (which are everything from conjugated verbs to adjectives, nouns, proper nouns… you know… typical middle school English class… but fun!) around and around until they create a sentence. Once all sentences are made, they are presented to the competitors. This is where it gets spicy. Competitors can challenge a sentence and its up to the sentence creator to prove the sentence makes sense.

Already fun sober (yes, that’s right… you all know I’m pregnant), I hear You’ve Been Sentenced is a lot of fun with a glass of wine (or a few). But its also ideal for middle and high school students. Imagine having your teacher pull out this game rather than teach grammar out of a book… how much more fun would English class have been!? I’ve read several reviews by educators on what an educational success the game is, and I can easily imagine using it often in my former 4th grade classroom.

Created for ages 8 and up, it’ll be a hit at parties so definitley add it to you hostess gift list, as well as your holiday gifting list. Grab an extra one for you for Family and Friends Game Night and one for a favorite teacher! And if Dad’s a gamer, I’d be running to the store to grab a last minute Father’s Day Gift.

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