20140311-111802.jpg How fun are these new spring flavors of ChapStick? ChapStick Pomegrante GumDrop & ChapStick Citrus Jelly Bean can be found at your local Walmart, CVS and Walgreens as of March 1st.  We got a sample pack of both flavors the other day and my boys loved both although are only going with the Citrus Jelly Bean now because it’s orange and they think the Pomegrante GumDrop is too girly being pink. 🙂

These new flavors would make a great little addition to this year’s Easter Basket. It’s basically the reliable ChapStick product but with a little coloring and fun flavor.  SRP is $.099-$2.18 depending on the store.   I’m gonna say that they definitely taste a little sweet – good for pretty much everyone but I envision this product as best for tweens & teens.




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