Even at 8 and 5 (8!), my boys are obsessed with Build-A-Bear.  They love everything about the experience of going to the store and picking out their own stuffed animal to stuff, dress and customize.

But we don’t go very often because it can get expensive and on a normal trip to the mall (where our local Build-A-Bear is), I’m not looking to treat my kids every single time.  Yet they ask.  Every. time. we. go.

I know I can’t be the only Mom who has this same experience!

So how much do I love that Build-A-Bear now offers Trading Cards.  At $2 a pack, kids can collect and trade various bear cards and share and trade them with friends.  Each pack comes with 3 cards.

It’s nice to have an affordable small option to offer my kids that goes along with the Build-A-Bear experience.  You can get them in-store or online at the Build-A-Bear website.

And looking for something a little bit more, check out the also newly introduced Build-A-Bear Fun Pack with Furry Friend. For around $5.99 (various prices), you can get this pack with a small furry Build-A-Bear Friend plus trading cards!  Sold in-store at places like Target and Walmart and online at EnterPLAY.com.

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