mabel moolah.jpgMabel’s Labels , my favorite label making company, has done it again. Our favorite source of personalized labels is offerring two new products that are a must-have in this holiday season.
First up, their holiday gift tags. Personalized with your kids/family/etc names. Who does not need these? Think of the teacher gifts, the mailman, your hairdresser, and all the family and friends that you are wrapping up a little something for. Think how much better those gifts would look and how much faster you’d be done with them if you could slap on one of these attractive labels. They come in multi-design packs of x. Assign a different color to different family members and make it easy to keep track of who each present is intended for.
Also new to the Mabelhood are these awesome Mommy Cards. With all the class parties and concerts I have been (and will be) attending, these are a fabulous boon. I always feel a little odd about passing out my business cards at school events and if I did not have a business, I probably would be scribbling my phone number on the back of a Vons/Safeway receipt (in red crayon – style points). But thanks to Mabel’s Labels, I now have some really cute mommy cards, ready to hand out at a moment’s notice.
Mabel’s labels is having a huge (their first ever) Cyber Monday Sale with up to 50% off on select products and Mabel Moolah – spend $60 before the holidays and get back $25 to use in the New Year. So click on over quick and put your name on it!


  1. Kids labels work. They made my life so much easier especially when organizing my kids stuff.

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