Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 5.38.02 PM My 4th grade boy loved this book.  He stayed up two nights in a row reading Spirit Animals – Book 1 (Wild Born) ($7.79 for Hardcover) after we bought it at our Scholastic school book fair.  He’s clearly taking after my love of sci-fi and fantasy as this is a cool series about teenage kids who can call their own “spirit animals” out once they come of age.  The book follows four kids who each have their own spirit animal (leopard, panda, wolf and falcon) and according to Nate, is fast paced and exciting!

As I’m always looking for books he will love, I had to share about this one.  Book two doesn’t come out until January but we’ve already pre-ordered it. The reading level is Grade 3-7 and I would say it’s good for a boy or a girl!

Get Spirit Animals – Book 1 (Wild Born) on Amazon for $7.79 (Hardcover)

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