Don’t laugh but I’m really feeling very, “how did I live without an iPad” now that I have one. I’ve been coveting the iPad since the first version was announced but have held off, assuming that it’s just a “toy” that isn’t a necessity.

As I’m a total technology hound, I knew eventually I would end up with one.  The folks at Qwiki were gracious enough to send me one to test out their product on the iPad and I’m now in heaven.  I’ve been tweeting about it and looking for fun apps for my kids and here’s a list of what we’ve been using over the last 48 hours since I got the iPad:

Qwiki – Free.  I had seen before but I’m loving the free app for the iPad.  Think of it as a Wikipedia only much more interactive with video and amazing photos.  You can query Qwiki for just about anything and it will come back with a video and collage of information.  My Qwiki recommends stuff based on my location (my hometown comes up based on my iPad’s location) and today’s top news. (Yesterday there was a big feature on Osama Bin Laden)  The kids love it too and Nate (aged 7) is using it to query all sorts of things of interest to him.  (“Sharks” and “Pizza” were the first two searches he did.)  Note: you don’t need to have an iPad to use Qwiki, you can visit them at and search on anything you’re looking for information on!

Cut the Rope – Free for Lite Version, $1.99 for Full. I joked yesterday with my Twitter followers that they failed me but not telling me about Cut the Rope.  This game is as addicting as Angry Birds and my kids and I can’t get enough of it thus far.  You have to guide the candy to your little monster’s mouth by cutting ropes, avoiding spiders and other hazards along the way.  We played the free version for the first few levels and of course had to upgrade to the full.

Think Fun’s Rush Hour – Free for Lite version, $2.99 for Full.  We have several Think Fun games in real life so I was happy to download this iPad app for my 7 year old.  He’s loving it.  We only have the free version thus far but it won’t be long until I have to upgrade if he keeps playing at the rate he’s playing.

Bob Books – Free for Lite Version, $3.99 for the Full. We’re big fans of the Bob Books in real life.  I used to them to teach my oldest to read and I’m working on them with my 4 year old.  I downloaded the free version of the iPad app for my 4 year old and it’s interactive, fun and educational.

That’s it for now!  I’ve downloaded others I will share in the future.  But what iPad apps do you use and like?  I’m trying everything – give me recommendations below!  I’d love to hear them.


  1. Middle hasn’t stopped talking about Cut the Rope since he played in Charlotte. He told me the only thing he wants for his bday is an ipod touch so he can play Cut the Rope all the time.

  2. So in other words, don’t show it to him while he’s here playing or he’ll never leave? 🙂

    It’s definitely a very addicting game.

  3. I put it on the ipod. When he got home he was SO excited.

  4. Oh, but “lite” only gave him 2 rounds so now, of course, I’m going to have to buy. BTW, I almost bought an ipad today. Almost. They say it will be in the store either tomorrow or Monday.

  5. I am loving Cut The Rope on the iPhone but it is really well done on the iPad too!

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