Taking a moment to pause from the usual product post, I wanted to quickly shout out and give a welcome to new writer, Erin! You’ll be seeing some posts from Erin moving forward.

Erin is the new Mommies with Style Maternity & Baby writer. Seeing as my babies are no longer babies, I wanted someone who could test out some of these items and write about them with personal experience. Erin has two girls – 2 years and 10 months – and she’s currently pregnant with #3 (a boy!).

Before kids, Erin worked for a major baby product retailer! It’s how I met her! So you know she knows her stuff. Please join me in welcoming her and I hope you guys are looking forward to seeing some more maternity, baby & toddler product posts!



  1. Thanks for the warm welcome Whitney!

  2. Yeah Erin! So excited to be reconnecting with you again. xoxo

  3. Happy to see Erin writing again! Look forward to seeing her posts! 🙂

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