Before I even received my first pitch on the latest product release from Bendaroos, I already heard about it from my two little walking informercials (aka my children.)  As soon as I heard the words “glow” and “Bendaroos,” I knew what the next item on the birthday/Christmas list was to be.

For those of you not familiar, Bendaroos are pliable wax sticks.  Kids 3+ seem to love them.  (Even the adults can have fun with Bendaroos – we’ve been known to use these as wine charms!)  They are great for imaginative play as kids can use these sticks over and over again to form all sorts or creative shapes and objects.

So the latest are Glow in the Dark Bendaroos.  They are currently listed at $33.99 on Amazon with free shipping but keep an eye for them as the holiday season gets closer because I feel like the price may come down.  (Or maybe not as glow in the dark is a pretty awesome addition.)

Looking for a great intro set?  Try the 500-Mega Bendaroo set.  It’s normally $24.99 but on sale right now on Amazon for $15.12.  And check out this coupon for $5 off on for teachers to get an additional $5 off the 500-Mega Kit.


  1. Thanks for this blog about Bendaroos. My kids (4yr old twins) have been nagging me about getting this for Christmas …er I mean Father Christmas! And I wasn’t too sure as I thought once you had made a ‘creation’ you couldn’t reuse them. So now thanks to your blog, yes I am going to get them now. My kiddies will be happy! Cannot buy the ‘glow in the dark’ ones though through UK Amazon, so will need to order them via the US.

  2. “Walking infomercials”… love that.

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