The Design Room Group has some new products available from BUD this holiday season. Previously, I only knew of BUD as the makers of these luxury ducks that take the whole Rubber Ducky in the bathtub thing to a whole new level. (Our Superstar Duck has logged many hours with both kids in the tub.)
For kids, BUD now has duck piggy banks and baby bib & bottle sets. The Cappuccino Sets look pretty cool and would make a great holiday gift.
For something fun and different, check out their entire line. What kind of ducky are you? Maybe Grandma came from the Scottish Highlands and you’re a McDuck. Or you’re a Funkee Duck. Me, I just want to be a Lucky Duck. Okay, that was bad. But don’t hold them accountable for my poor blogging – visit the folks over at the Design Room Group and check out the array of products.

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