I thought this was such a funny picture, I just had to share. We got this new pair of shoes for Nate from Stride Rite. He calls them his “Rocket Shoes,” although I have no idea why as there aren’t any rockets or anything even remotely resembling rockets anywhere on them. They’re actually from Stride Rite’s new “Superball” line and they have 13 bouncy balls on the base of the shoes.
This is the model he’s wearing – the Superball 13 Alternative Closure, and if Nate were doing this review, he’d tell you all that these shoes make him “jump super high!”
They’re available from a size US 10.5 up.
By the way, yes, I actually snapped this picture from my iPhone when he was laying in the dentist chair last week. I’m sure I’ll get an earful about this photo later in life.

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