Image and video hosting by TinyPic Thomas the Tank Engine is revered my house, so we were so excited to review the newest DVD: Thomas & Friends: Splish, Splash, Splosh (price range $8 – 13).  It contains 4 new rainy/snow day themed episodes with CGI Animation.

A few things have changed. They’ve updated the open to the series – everything looks crisper and cleaner with the CGI animation. Your child may not even notice that the opening is digitally cleaner (it’s exactly the same, shot by shot). Another big thing is that the character now talk to each other. I loved this in the latest Thomas Movie, “Hero of the Rails” and was glad to see they’ve continued it. A new engine named Charlie is introduced and Victor and the bumbling crane Kevin, who first appeared in “Hero of the Rails”, show up. There’s also a new host (but only on the DVD) named Driver Perkins. A live actor, he appears at the before and after each episode is shown. In my opinion, I don’t think he was necessary – we loved the litle games and info between the episodes when they air on PBS.
Episodes include “Playtime”, “Splish, Splash, Splosh”, “Slippy Sodor” and “Snow Tracks”.

My son, Ben (age 4) was able to ask Thomas a question via email. He wanted to know, “Why doesn’t Thomas like Diesels?”
We received a great answer from Thomas himself. He said, “Hello Ben! Fizzling Fireboxes, what a good question! The Diesels think that they are better than everyone else. They can be very devious and often play mean tricks on me and my friends when they are working hard to be very useful engines for Sir Topham Hatt. Of course, everyone has a good side – even the Diesels — and sometimes we help each other out, too.”

Thomas & Friends: Splish, Splash,Splosh
is currently available online and in stores.
The reviewer was sent a complimentary copy of the DVD.