Accomplished Jazz musician Hayes Greenfield has a pretty large mission, and to summarize, it’s to share the message of Earth Day with children and their families.
In Music for a Green Planet, Greenfield is joined by a list of other musicians (including jazz legends and Broadway vets) as they turn favorite children’s songs into a celebration of the Earth. The first time we heard the first track, my 2-year-old started singing “Coming Round the Mountain” as we’ve all known it for years. With a confused face, we listened as the words began to shift:

We’ll be cruising in our hybrids when she comes
We’ll be getting better mileage when she comes
We’ll be a part of the solution
Cause we’re making less pollution
We’ll be cruising in our hybrids when she comes

And by the end of the song, we were soon singing along with the catchy chorus. So was the same for the duration of the CD. We loved it. The lyrics are catchy, meaningful, and discussion worthy (what’s a hybrid, Mom?). Music for a Green Planet creates a wonderful introduction to living Earth-healthy and inspires the children, as well as their families.

In celebration of the Earth, buy the CD today for $14.98, or download the individual MP3s for $.99 each. Check out some samples first and read the lyrics (I love that they’re on the site).
Music for a Green Planet didn’t just make “jazz cool for kids” as New York Magazine commented, he’s making a cool, jazzy Earth… for kids!

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