Braggy Mom moment: My son Nate (almost 3) is a whiz on the computer. Seeing as I’m a computer and internet junkie, I’ve been teaching him to be proficient on the computer and with the mouse for quite awhile now. As a result, he can turn on the computer, steer himself to Nick Jr. and play games with a scary amount of understanding. It’s been about 12 months since I started really showing him what to do – as I didn’t really think he’d grasp it before then, and I didn’t have anything “easier” for him to learn on.
This new toy from Leap Frog is just the toy for younger kids, and I’m excited to try this new toy with my baby in a few months, as it seems like a really cool learning tool for babies and toddlers to learn to be hands on and interactive. “Little Leaps” is suitable for ages 9 months-36 months, so obviously it has different settings. In the baby mode, they basically just learn that there is a cause and effect to pushing the chunky baby-friendly buttons. As they get older, they learn about shapes and colors, animals and more.
The controller is wireless and works through your DVD player. It comes with three different learning games. It’s a great holiday pick! Buy it for $39.99 on the website.

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