As I mentioned in my previous post, Baby Gianna loves to move – whether we’re bouncing, walking or swinging, she loves the motion. That along with my trouble putting her down (she’s my first and she’s just so darn cute!) made it difficult to get her used to all the swings, seats and other contraptions we received from baby showers and hand-me-downs. As I learned how to put her down I also began to learn that she was very opinionated about where she was put down. Some of the products taking up space in my house only worked for a few weeks and sadly some of them never worked for Gianna at all. One of the things that she has always liked is the Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance. As she gets bigger she enjoys it more and more. That’s why the Babysitter Balance is #5 on my list of Newborn Neccessities.

The Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance is a bouncy seat that has offered me a sleek and efficient place to put Gianna while I take a shower, do the dishes, or shoot off a few quick emails.  The seat has three positions: sleep, rest and play.  We’ve always used the “play” position.  As she’s gotten older and more active she has learned to enjoy the bouncy nature of the seat and just loves to make it move on her own.  I’ve also quickly learned that she now knows how to scoot herself out of the seat, so we’re sure to strap her in with the reversible fabric strap.  It’s so easy to fold to take with us that it goes just about everywhere.

The Babysitter Balance is available in a variety of colors and even comes in an organic version, though all of them have washable fabric that’s guaranteed free from hazardous substances.  The retail price starts at about $120 and can be purchased at most large baby retailers including

A sample of this product was provided for review on Mommies With Style.


  1. My son loves his! When we first put him in it, at a week or so, he was this little blob and I thought, well, this is kind of a waste, but then at a few months old, he started batting at the toy bar and bouncing and loves it.

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