Even newborn babies love to play…or at least love to watch you try to play with them!  And the safest place to lay them to play is usually the floor.  Throwing a blanket on the floor for a baby works just fine, but for something a little more fun and comfy there’s Bestever’s baby mats.  Gianna has spent hours happily rolling around on her Bestever giraffe mat.  That’s why I’m topping off my top ten list of newborn neccessities with Bestever’s baby mats.

Made from snuggly, soft fabric, the Bestever mats are perfect for getting in that extra tummy time.  Of course since the giraffe is so soft and silky, Gianna tries to eat it every time she is on her belly. I learned pretty quickly that the mats are machine washable.  And they wash really well.  After the mat air dries I fluff out the plush fabric and it looks brand new.

The mats are offered in a variety of animals, including monkeys, bears, frogs and cats and are all 31″ long.  Bestever mats can be purchased directly from their site on Amazon.com or Toys ‘R Us for between $40 and $50.  These mats make great shower gifts, but could also be given as birthday gifts.  Toddlers could easily use a Bestever floor mat for watching TV, coloring, or any other floor activity.  And they’re just so darn cute!

A product sample was provided for review on Mommies with Style.


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