After the initial shock of the cold winter months, baby Gianna has learned to love getting her diaper changed.  Changing time has turned into play time.  And given the opportunity, she’ll laugh, kick and giggle for half an hour…as long as she’s naked.  Of course I love keeping her happy and playing, but “naked time” presents me with two challenges.  The first is that I want her someplace safe; somewhere that I don’t have to stand over her watching that she doesn’t roll.  The second is that there tends to be messy accidents when the diaper is off.  The Bottom’s Up Baby Gear changing pad has solved both of these problems for me. 

That is why it’s #6 on my list of Newborn Neccessities.

When used as originally intended – covering a changing pad that sits on a changing table or dresser – it’s an ingenius idea.  In my household, the way I use it makes it one of the most visited surfaces in the house.  My Bottom’s Up Baby Gear changing pad cover is covering a changing pad, but that pad sits on the floor in the middle of my family room.  I never planned on having a changing pad on the floor.

When Gianna came early, I was still waiting on my husband to paint our changing table.  As the weeks dragged on I needed a place to change the baby in the family room, so the pad that was supposed to be used on the table became a fixture on our floor.  The baby began loving her time spent on the floor on her changing pad, so lucky for my husband, that changing table never needed painting!

The patented design of the Bottom’s Up Baby Gear changing pad cover makes clean-up a breeze for all of those “naked baby” accidents, too.  The cover is constructed with two parts: the plush top half to keep baby’s head comfy and the vinyl bottom half that can quickly be wiped clean with a baby wipe or disinfectant.  These pieces zipper together so it’s easy to throw the minky top into the wash when it’s seen a little too much changing action.  The best part is that you can order a changing pad cover to match your decor.  You choose both the color of the top fabric (9 color choices) as well as the bottom vinyl half (white or brown).  If you order two tops to go with your one bottom piece, you’ll never have to wait for the laundry to be done to use your changing pad.

It’s a more efficient and less messy solution to changing diapers…and “naked baby” time!

The Bottom’s Up Baby Gear changing pad can be ordered online for $39.98.  It makes a great baby shower gift and ships already gift-wrapped, so no need to worry about the wrapping!

A sample was provided for review on Mommies with Style.

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