I heard and read lots about how painful nursing could be, but until I experienced it myself I had NO idea.  The first few days were a breeze and I really thought that I was the exception.  I was sorely mistaken (no pun intended).  It took a full 8 weeks to stop wincing each time Gianna latched on.  With a lot of reassurance from friends and my Medela Breast Care Gift Set, I was able to successfully get through those tough days.  That’s why the Medela Breast Care Gift Set is #3 on my top ten list of Newborn Necessities.

Filled with nursing essentials, the gift set is a cute and compact solution to many early breastfeeding troubles.  The set contains 12 disposable bra pads, a 2oz tube of Tender Care Lanolin Advanced Nipple Therapy, 2 Tender Care Hydrogel pads, a Mother’s Minder bracelet, and an info/breastfeeding log.  Having all of these products together in one little bag made traveling super easy – especially since we went out of town for a wedding just 3 short weeks after Gianna arrived.

The breast care set would make an excellent gift for a baby shower or when visiting a new mommy.  Every nursing mother experiences some discomfort and frustration.  Share some relief and a little support with these tools.  The Medela Breast Care Gift Set can be purchased at Motherhood Maternity and Amazon.com from $24.

A sample of the Medela Breast Care Gift Set was provided for review on MWS.


  1. What a great set, I used all of those items when I was nursing. Gel pads pretty much saved my life. It’s great to see more brands offering things like this. I wish they were more readily available (like CVS or Walmart).

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