Every mom has their own signature style of getting a newborn baby to sleep.  Whether it’s rocking, bouncing, singing or driving around in the car – ask any mom and they’ll tell you exactly what worked for each of their children.  Early on I knew that my baby liked to move.  Sitting down was not allowed – Gianna would have none of that.  No, we had to be moving!  Tired of walking circles in my house and anxious to burn a little baby fat, I popped in a DVD that I had received when pregnant: Chicks-N-Chickens Lullaby Exercises.  That’s when I learned the “Chicken Dance”.  No, not the Chicken Dance that most couples put on their wedding “Do Not Play” list.  This DVD has a series of exercise dances to do with your infant, including their own version of the Chicken Dance.  And Gianna LOVES it!  Who knew that a simple box step with a few extra bounces could soothe my baby and get her to sleep within 5 minutes?  It’s been magical.  That’s why the Chicks-N-Chickens Lullaby Exercises DVD is #4 on my list of Newborn Neccessities.

Lullaby Exercises is a series of fun, easy-to-learn movements—dancing, swaying, stretching & relaxing—that are performed while holding a baby in your arms or in a baby carrier. It’s designed for new moms to share moments with their baby, put a little one to sleep, and to feel good emotionally and physically.  Many of the exercises would be easier on your arms if you used a baby carrier though it’s not necessary.  I didn’t use one and just figured it was an extra workout for my arms!  The DVD/CD combo is recommended for moms with babies 6 weeks old to pre-walking.  You can purchase it directly from the Chicks-N-Chickens website for $29.95.  You can also purchase several baby carriers from their site appropriate for the exercises.

A Lullaby Exercises DVD was provided for review on MWS.


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