In my top ten list of newborn necessities, Sassy baby toys takes #2.

I was given several Sassy toys for my baby shower, and I have to admit that I wasn’t super excited by them.  They didn’t look like anything a baby would be very interested in.  Boy was I wrong!  I started using Sassy’s baby ring rattle with Gianna when she was about a month old.  At that point she really wasn’t interested in any of her toys but after trying every newborn-appropriate toy in my basket, I decided to give the ring rattle a shot.

She was fascinated!  I’m not sure if it was the bold, black and white stripes or the noise of the smaller green rings clacking together or a combination of the two.  Whatever it was that got her attention, she watched that ring rattle for 20 minutes.  So for the first 3 months of her life, that Sassy toy was our go-to attention grabber.  She’d lay on my lap for a half hour at a time just staring at it.  Making faces and silly noises at a baby is fun to a point, but 30 minutes of it can be exhausting.  The ring rattle saved me from all of that!  I loved it so much that I’ve bought two of them for friends with babies on the way.

Sassy designs toys with the advice of child development experts, ensuring that all of their products are not only fun but that they also help children developmentally. Their toys are of the highest quality with no unsafe plastics or paints used.

I have several other Sassy toys for older babies and I can’t wait until Gianna is old enough to play with them. I’m sure she’ll love them just as much.

Sassy toys can be purchased at Babies ‘R Us, and other large retailers. The best part is that most of their toys only cost a few dollars!


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