night-light This Good Nite Lite behavioral modification nightlight is all about me. Sure it keeps my kids from feeling insecure in the middle of the night, but lets look at what that means for ME, shall we? A secure kid falls back asleep. Kids asleep = mom asleep. Well rested mom = happy mom.

Where this nightlight succeeds and other frequently fail, is in the wee small hours of the morning when kids are not asleep, and mommy still is, and thus the kids think mommy should not be asleep, mommy should be playing with and feeding them and reading them a story, and going for a walk around the block. It’s not entirely their fault. It’s hard to know when it’s officially time to get up when you cannot read a clock. Furthermore it can be tricky deciding when bedtime is. These days it’s dark at dinnertime. So how is a toddler to know the gravy train has ended and it’s time to hit the hay? Simple, with the Good Nite Lite.

The Good Nite¬†Lite has two modes, night and day, and changes color to indicate which one we’re currently enjoying (enjoying, as in sleeping!). You set the times, so you can customize the official start of sleepytime and beginning of wakeytime to your own schedule. The nightlight brightens, turns yellow and switches to day mode when it’s time to get up and go!

Studies have shown that the use of a bright night light in your child’s room can actually disturb natural sleep cycles and set up bad habits for life. This sort of night light (not so bright) is much healthier and better for them. Yeah yea yeah. That’s a definitely a great argument for purchasing this product. You should share it with your inlaws and fellow parents. Tell everyone that you’re getting it for your child’s health and well being. But between us? Get it for your own sanity!


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