It seems like things have been looking up for Brit lately. Could this have anything to do with the fact that she has been spotted out and about wearing one of these Hamsa Opal Charm necklaces from Nine Moons? The Hamsa is an age old charm, shaped like a downward pointing hand. It is supposed to ward off evil spirits and un-well wishes (it’s like bug spray for bad luck but prettier!). Hundreds of thousands of women have worn these charms for generations, to protect themselves and their children.
We can’t say for sure if the Hamsa has had anything to do with Britney’s recovery, but I will vouch for how utterly beautiful these necklaces are. The little opal charm just seems to glow and vibrate with good energy. The kind you want placed close to your heart. They are simply radiant.
Nine Moon’s Hamsa necklaces would make a most kind and thoughtful gift to a new or pregnant mommy.

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