For the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to keep my daughter busy while she waits for the upcoming school season to begin! Since it was her birthday, I had been looking for some new toys that didn’t have noises coming from them and that might actually require some thinking and maybe even learning!
I’m always on the hunt for things to keep my daughter occupied when we are on the go! She hates waiting or sitting around when we are out. So, when I recently brought along an Interactive Activity Journal called Lots of Fun on the Go, she hadn’t even realized how long we’d really waited for our food while we were out on a Saturday night. It provided hours of entertainment for her and she was thrilled to be doing mazes, word jumbles, bingo games, crosswords and a ton more! This activity journal almost makes even waiting rooms fun! It has a flexible cover and is perfectly sized at 5-3/4 x 8″ so it’s just the right size to put in your purse. It has 128 pages of interactive fun!
garden.jpgAt home she’s been into constructing masterpieces with her In the Garden Constructibles Building Set. This pretty set of 25 interlocking slotted card pieces come in 5 basic shapes. This set has kept my daughter busy for hours while she constructs flowers, dragonflies, bees, ladybugs and birds in her own little garden. I love that they all fit back into a sturdy box so the pieces are never lost! Constructibles Building Sets are fun, creative and improve hand-eye coordination, develop fine motor skills, and reinforce principles of balance and spatial relationships.
I have been watching my nephew a lot lately and we have been playing with First Puzzles. Each carrying box holds 16 pieces which are color-coded to form 4 different shaped puzzles. He loves seeing which type of truck he can create without wearing a hardhat with the Construction First Puzzles. Winner of the iParenting Best Products Award 2006.
scene.jpgA favorite of mine for kids aged 3+ are the Sticker Set Play Scenes. Your kids can visit the world at their fingertips or drive a dump truck, feed the elephants, have tea with the Queen, practice ballet and when they are done, they can just fold up the fun and take it with them! With Play Scenes kids can use their imaginations to provide themselves with endless hours of entertainment wherever they go! Each sticker set has more than 50 reusable vinyl stickers to arrange and rearrange for ever-changing adventures. Now available are Mini Sticker Set Play Scenes which come with 40+ stickers and the play scene is slightly smaller. The colorful and sturdy background boards fold up like a book and come complete with a carrying handle. No road trip should be without one!

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