Starting today I’m back on – tracking my calorie intake and exercise routine – which I’ve been telling everyone about.  It feels good to log back on – like sitting back down with an old friend who makes me feel good about myself.

I spent the last few days at the beach with some of my best friends in the world.  It was a great trip for the adults and the kids but now that it’s back to reality I’m looking back to getting back to the grind and not having any more reasons to drink that extra glass of wine or finish eating the plate of Christmas cookies.

I’m excited to get back to the gym.  While I ran a bit over the holidays, Baby, it’s cold out there!  I’ll be content to get back to my little routine of running around the indoor track.

Sidenote because I’m a product reviewer and have to mention it – my one downer to going back inside to run is that I won’t be able to track my outdoor runs with Nike+GPS. I’ve been loving this iPhone app which chimes in every mile to tell you what mile you’ve reached and how far you’ve run.  When you finish, you can peek at the map to see your running route. (It still works indoors, just doesn’t track your runs indoors as who needs to see that?)  Have to say from experiences running outdoors the last few days though – snow drifts can really crimp a girl’s running pace!

While I’m calling it a New Years Resolution, I really do think Resolutions are a crock.  I mean really it should be about a lifestyle change and I feel pretty happy that I made a big change in 2010 dieting and exercising… I just fell a little off over the holidays so while I call this a Resolution, I’m telling myself it’s just getting back to healthy habits.

And when all else fails, I had to share these last photos.  Last week, I played WiiFit again for the first time in over a year.  It’s a lot of fun!  And you really can burn some series calories if you put the time into it.  Here I am doing some ski jumping.  I think my photos are pretty funny but I caught some great ones of my friends in funny poses too.

They’d pretty much never speak to me again if I posted them so I won’t but this was so much fun and my quads were a little sore the next day!  Hubby and I both promised each other than if we slack on our workout regime or the weather gets crappy that we should at least break out the WiiFit board and do some of this over the winter again – a little workout is better than no workout!


  1. Yay for myfitness pal! i am using it as well. really does motivate.
    love the photos- First photo- you look so graceful:ballerina arms and hands. second one, you take on an Olympic stance-ready to take that dive for the 100 meter freestyle!!!!LOL.

  2. That looks like a great way to stay fit and fun!!!! However, you don’t look unfit!!!! Also glad to hear your review of My
    Great site. It’s like having your own personal trainer with you!!! And it’s free!!!

  3. I recognize the ski jump pose! The Wii is a lot of fun – glad that its back in our house too!


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  2. […] I’ve been talking about getting back on my fitness and diet from last summer and so far so good.  The biggest challenge I find this time of year is the motivation – or […]

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