deglingo1.jpg Sufferring from plushy-induced narcolepsy? You know that yawn you stifle at the sight of another generic bear, bunny, etc? Is it too much to ask that your kids toys have a little personality?
I’m here to tell you that it’s not. Because there is a new collection of kids toys that have personality to spare.
One look at the creations called the Deglingos (French for “wild and wacky bunch”) and I was smitten. These are the hippest of stuffies. The ones that sit at the back of the bus and throw spitballs at all the goofy characterless bears. And not that I want to raise a ruffian, but I wouldn’t mind if my son spent a little more time with these well dressed, witty and creative group of characters.
My son has and adores Big Bos, the wolf, who is the fearless leader of the gang. He’s got one leg shorter than the other, a custom tailored pinstriped suit, and the unmistakeable look of lovable trouble. In short, he’s irresistable. He just knows he’s the coolest stuffie on the shelf.
deglingo2.jpgOther characters in the series that crack me up include a rat, a hedgehog with multifabric fringed frills, and a lobster that looks completely crazed and huggable. All of the toys are made in Europe and comply with the highest safety standards and are tested by an independent lab. The collection uses over fifty fabrics on these animals and their uniqueness gives them a true heirloom feeling. They are also, believe it or not, completely washable.
The Deglingos are available at Oompa Toys online – or check their site for a retailer near you.

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