My oldest son can be a stubborn kid.  About a year ago, he decided he no longer needed to take a daily vitamin.  I’m not sure what inspired it – since both of my boys turned two it’s been a part of our daily regime for them to have a Flintstones vitamin (hubby and me too!)  But one day that was it – no more vitamin and his foot was down.

Lucky for all involved, Nate loves chocolate milk.  For awhile now, he’s been having chocolate milk via Ovaltine at his friend Zach’s house and I have to admit, I had no idea that Ovaltine was more than just chocolate flavoring.  Then I was invited to be a part of a campaign to taste and post about Ovaltine.  I was pleasantly surprised to read that depending on which mix you chose, Ovaltine has up to 12 fortified Vitamins & Minerals.

While it’s not a daily vitamin, it’s a nice alternative for the kid who thinks he’s too cool for school and taking a daily vitamin.  Plus the convenience of the powder can’t be beat – we always have milk in the house but don’t always have chocolate milk.  We’re going to take the next couple of weeks to try it out and I’ll report back.

Ovaltine has a $1 off coupon posted on their website – enter your email address and print it out to receive the discount.

Disclaimer: I was given an American Express Gift Card for my participation in testing out this product and blogging about it.

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