This is a very serious blog review. No smiling allowed.


You know, it’s seriously a wonder I can even get through a poker game because I smiled as I typed that. True story!

I’m bringing you the cutest children’s book review today. This book is called This is a Serious Book and it’s written by a very good college friend of mine. It’s not her first children’s book but it may be my favorite because this is the type of children’s book I just ADORE to read aloud.

It’s the interactive type that young kids just love to play along to. Check out some of these sample pages:


Pretty sure that if I had read this to my boys when they were little, they would have been jumping up & down while simultaneously farting after these last two pages.


Of course the animals don’t play along with the narrator in the book, which I’m sure is a delight to young listeners. Get This is a Serious Book on Amazon and check out some of Jodie’s other books while you are on there too!

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