The following post was originally posted on MommyPants . It is a review of a new iPhone/iPad app created by fellow Mommies with Style contributor, Ciaran Blumenfeld.

My friend Ciaran, aka Momfluential, has a problem.

She is brilliant.

This is a problem because she has so many ideas and only so many hours in the day. Also, she has four kids.

Which means she might have five minutes of uninterrupted thinking time every other day.

That has not stopped her from her latest venture.

I am very proud to tell you about the app she developed. That’s right. An app! Who thinks these things up and then has them become reality?

Ciaran does. That’s who.

She – and Ana Roca Castro of Premier Social Media – created iGiftThanks. The app allows you to send immediate customized thank you notes anywhere in the world, via text, email, Facebook or twitter.

Why this is so amazing is because of people like my, er, friend. Yeah. I have this friend whose daughter’s birthday was in September and thank you notes haven’t been mailed yet. Can you believe that?

With this app, there’s no delay. You take a picture of a gift, decorate the frame, and send it to the giver. You can get a shot of your child wearing that awful sweater from Aunt Susan and email her right away with a personalized thank you. Or maybe you want to thank grandparents who live in another country for the sweet gift they sent your baby. And you know how crazy kids parties get. It’s easy to misplace the list of who gave what gift. iGiftThanks allows you to tag photos and organize them, too.

This app makes it fun and it’s easy to use.

And it’s perfect for the holidays.

No stamps, no stationery, no delay.

So the $1.99 is more than worth it.

Check it out and let me know what you think!


  1. Those of you who enjoy using this app on your phone will surely be interested in Thankuz, an upcoming Web app that allows you to send ‘Thank You’ notes to anyone for anything, not just gifts. Not only that, but you can also receive and track notes from others. It’s fun to do, easy to use and shows you care! Feel free to send feedback to once the app goes live.

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