bricksdropscloseup.jpg Occasionally when I go to events for Mommies with style, I get goodies. And sometimes, when I am lucky, those goodies include chocolate. And when I am very, very lucky, the chocolate is from chocolate masters – Dagoba.
Of course we all know that not all chocolate is created equal. There are supermarket chocolate bars and then there there is the magical alchemy of cacao that is Dagoba. Certified organic and containing more antioxidants than red wine or tea, Dagoba chocolate is one indulgence that is good for you. And the taste is incomparable.
The company specializes in artisanal blends, made from cacao harvested in ecologically sustainable ways. Even if you are not a chocoholic (um… like some people who happen to be typing this review) you will notice a difference in the way Dagoba chocolates taste.
And you will crave it, long after it is gone. Which in our case, did not take very long! Note to self: hide chocolate goodies from children!
Purchase Dagoba online at their site or click to find a store near you that carries the brand.

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