In recent years, I find I’m a touch Grinch-y when it comes to the holidays and getting things for my kids. I’m all,they don’t need this shizzznet in their baskets or my house!

But today, I kind of gave myself a kick in the pants about it. I was standing in the Easter aisle in Wegmans and there were these two British ladies there shopping for their kids baskets. They were all, “Brilliant!,” in their cute accents every time they showed each other a small little toy for their kids and their enthusiasm just spread to me. So yah. My kids will play with their Silly Putty Easter egg for all of five minutes before it eventually moves to the trash but it’s SO FUN for them on Easter morning too get a bunch of cute items in a basket.

So I have a couple of ideas plus resources for you guys for this year’s baskets – I tried to pull things that were a little more unusual but cool. It’s coming up soon! Easter is Sunday March 27th, early this year. We have less than two weeks to get it together:

  • Sidewalk games pencils – pull a pencil out and each of them has a childhood game idea written on it that your kiddos can play outside
  • Well isn’t this clever! Using a ziplock baggy, make Peeps Smores Kits! My kids aren’t really into Peeps on their own so I never get them but this is a cute & original way to get them into the basket. Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 1.23.45 PM


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