Dora Saves the Mermaids — currently $16.99 on Amazon. I have to say, I think our Dora days are numbered (for Nate, age 4, anyway) but for now she’s still entertaining to us and little brother loves her.
Undercover Dora — currently $9.99 on Amazon. I just noticed that they categorize Dora as age appropriate for ages 3-6. (!) They should try telling that to my 14-month-old when Dora comes on.
Clifford: Be my Big Red Valentine – order just in time for Valentine’s Day
Springtime Fun — will release next week on January 29, 2008. These movies from HIT entertainment are great. Those of you with the PBS Sprout channel will recognize most of these shows (Including Fireman Sam, which is currently the favorite in our house). This movie is a collective of several shows, some of which include Barney, Angelina Ballerina and Thomas. I like these movies for road trips as it always seems to hold their interest more than two hour long movie. Plus, all the HIT Entertainment shows are great for differing kids’ ages – the shows are a good mix for preschool aged kids.
Pingu on the Ice — will release next week on January 29, 2008. We love Pingu here – it’s an odd show and they don’t speak but the kids laugh for this show more than any others. It’s silly and cute and currently $9.99 on Amazon for this winter-related movie they’re releasing next week.
Spongebob: to Love a Patty — will release next week on January 29, 2008.

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