My oldest never quite got the hang of the sippy cup thing, not until well after he had mastered the art of using a cup with a straw. In fact, it was straight from the bottle to the straw cups, and it was only months later that he was able to figure how out to use the sippy cup. It was a couple of frustrating months.
At 10 months old, I’m trying to transition the baby to learning how to use a sippy cup, and like his brother, he had been resistant. My friend Rachael told me to try these Nuby sippy cups, I had definitely seen them around but never tried them with my kids. So when we were then at a friend’s house who had these Nuby gripper cups, I decided to give it a try.
The baby took right to it. Another friend told me that they are great transition bottles for breastfed babies because the tops are so soft and pliable. Whatever it is, I’m happy he’s learning how to use something and thought I would make a mention here since it’s working so well for us.
I got ours in-store at Babies R Us. I’ve also seen them at Wal-mart, or you can get them on Amazon. Spend $25 or more on baby products or more on Amazon and you’ll receive a free one year subscription to Cookie Magazine.


  1. Like many parents, we struggled to find the best way to teach our little girl to drink from a cup. We tried various forms of sippy cups, but she couldn’t seem to figure out how the mouthpiece worked. And we didn’t want to start with regular cups because the water would end up everywhere.

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